Bio-Inspired Control for Safe Human-Robot Interactions

Acknowledgements: A.N. Neergaards Fond and DTU

The research project aims to apply bio-inspired control methods for achieving:

  • Safe human-robot interactions. Safe systems are needed to the uptake of collaborative robotics in which robots apply compliant working forces that can not potentially cause injury to humans. This is achieved by mimicking the learning process of central nervous system for voluntary movements that lead to precise and coordinated movements. Desired motions are predicted thanks to the self-learning of internal models and only small correction forces are required, thus increasing the compliance of the whole control system.
  • Accurate and soft grasping of objects. We have been developing a complete tactile sensing system for a robotic gripper that includes a resistive sensor technology, data processing, communication interface design, and the control loop for grasping. Bio-inspired (SW/HW) technologies will enable novel adaptive control paradigms of autonomous systems.

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