Autonomous Systems Test Arena

The Autonomous Systems Test Arena (ASTA) is the world largest indoor infrastructure (40x24x14m) for testing mobile robot technology on land, in air, and on/under water.

ASTA's mission is to enable world class experimental research on collaborative autonomous robotic systems across these three domains, and to position DTU as international leader in the area of autonomous systems.

ASTA offers three testing environments:

  • an open space where to test land and aerial robotic systems in conditions close to the outdoor environment relying on global navigation satellite system and platform specific onboard sensors;
  • a confined area equipped with 16 cameras motion capture system covering a volume of 10x14x7m where to experiment with up to 14 robotic systems on land and in air;
  • a 6.5x3.5x3m pool equipped with a current generator where to experiment with up to 4 underwater robots.

ASTA is a major upgrade of DTU indoor experimental facilities for autonomous systems technology, which have been the bedrock of many innovation projects in collaboration with industrial partners such as MIR, Robotize, FORCE, DTI, Prevas and AGCO. ASTA will boost existing research on perception, planning, motion control and cooperative control of multi-agent heterogeneous systems.