About us

The Centre for Collaborative Autonomous Systems (CCAS) is established as a joint effort of these departments: DTU Electrical Engineering, DTU Compute, DTU Management and DTU Space.

CCAS is a research and innovation hub that, by leveraging existing research leadership in electrical engineering, computer science, management engineering and space technology, will accelerate the development of autonomous systems' technologies across several domains, and will investigate socio-economic-regulatory enablers and barriers towards the actualization of autonomous systems in the wider societal context.

Towards a sustainable and resilient world powered by the seamless collaboration of humans with autonomous systems

To establish a world-class research and innovation environment to generate fundamental knowledge on collaborative autonomous systems through inter- and transdisciplinary theoretical and experimental research within the domains of automation, computer science, space technology, human-machine interaction, ethics, management of technology, system engineering, robotics.

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DTU Electrical Engineering
DTU Compute
DTU Management
DTU Space

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